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Minerva Consultores Academicos is formed by a dedicated and experienced team that provides guidance and orientation to those who wish to reach their academic goals by studying outside of Bolivia. We evaluate and present a variety of options based on the student’s personal, academic and financial needs. We are an internationally recognized agency, accredited by ICEF and a member of the international agent alliance REAL.

Our Vision

Minerva Consultores Académicos is poised to become the top academic consulting firm in the country, through ethical and moral principles as well as efficiency and attention to detail in each and every aspect of the services it provides.

Our Mission

Minerva Consultores Académicos is committed to offer high quality services as academic consultants to Bolivian Nationals as well as to foreigners residing in Bolivia, contributing to the improvement of their skills to help them reach their professional and personal goals through academic programs overseas.

Our Staff

Shannon O'Brien

Founder - CEO

Richard Dávalos

Administrative Manager - Cultural Exchanges

Sabina Canedo

Senior Academic Advisor - University Programs

Pedro Perez

Senior Academic Advisor - Language Programs

Donald Simsovic

Academic Advisor - University Programs

Carla Romero

Visa Advisor

Paula Lino

Visa Advisor

Rosario Fernández

Financial Manager

Norisley Orfila


Attain Your Academic Goals!!!

Do you dream of studying abroad? We will guide and assist you on the way to your academic goals. Our expert team provides you with the necessary expertise and support to apply for INTERNATIONAL PROGRAMS and make your dream of studying abroad come true. Take advantage of this unique opportunity and let us show you how!